When an elderly couple save you from a bad death in the Sahara, there’s an honest debt to be paid. But this couple have unexpected plans: one leads to the bedroom, the other an impossible trip back to Europe where the author is wanted in Brussels for the murder of the president of the European Union. In both cases, determined killers lie in wait. Friends turn out to be, well, unfriendly.

Author: Chris Heal
ISBN: 978-1-9161944-1-0
UK Price: £12.99

A modern-day nomad with many names. A violent past. Infuriated by petty bureaucracy and the surveillance society. Determined to throw off identity and to disappear. Wanted by many people including the European Union for political murder. The body count rises. The chase is on.

Author: Chris Heal
ISBN: 978-1-9161944-0-3
Extent: 295pp, 55 photographs, 4 maps
UK Price: £12.99, eBook: £3.99

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Sound of Hunger

Just before throwing off his identity and embracing a nomadic life, Chris Heal published in 2018 an applauded social history of two brothers, u-boat commanders in WWI. He examined their lives and careers against the politics and culture of their day. Applauded that is, until the BBC encouraged him in a radio book programme to explain his views on the European Union and Germany’s modern-day role in running the continent. Then the roof fell in.

ISBN: 978-1911604419