Author Biography: Chris Heal

‘Heal’ went to grammar school in the West Midlands, supporting himself through a window cleaning business and by digging motorway ditches.

He was a leading rock climber and, later, a SCUBA diving instructor. He travelled extensively in his younger years, usually by hitchhiking, through much of Europe, North Africa and the Near and Middle East, reaching India.

He briefly joined the RAF and then trained as an airline pilot. He quit and was off the radar for a year.

He resurfaced as a journalist and then joined IBM for twenty years, five of them in Africa, and later led the multi-million pound buy-out of their UK marketing department. He was chairman of the regional theatre In Basingstoke, worked as an oak furniture designer and maker, and advised and funded internet start-ups and small businesses.

Heal received a doctorate in history from Bristol University, aged sixty-five. Aspects of his thesis ‒ academically reviewed as ‘first-rate, well-written with immensely impressive scholarship’ ‒ were turned into a variety of publications with over 5,000 sales.

In 2018, he wrote Sound of Hunger, a well-received social history of the lives of two German brothers, u-boat captains in the First World War.

‘Heal’ went off-grid in the summer of 2019. His publishers, Chattaway and Spottiswood, contact him through an email address. While he was ‘away’, he wrote Disappearing to try to get himself out of trouble. It didn’t work. His latest book, Reappearing, is a final hurrah.